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              ABOUT US

              Suzhou Tianma Pharmaceutical Group Tianji Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, specializing in development, production and sales of peptide drugs. Tianji was establised in 2000 and plant covers an area of 87,180m2. More than 20% of employees are R&D department. TianJi's production dosage forms include APIs, small-volume injections (sterile), small- volume injections (non-sterile) and lyophilized powder injections. So far, Tianji has established multiple platforms for peptide synthesis process research, analysis and purification method research, formulation process development, and drug regulatory market registration and commercial production. Meanwhile, we have customized services for protecting amino acids, peptide coupling reagents and peptide fragments, etc. Tianji Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in the domestic peptide industry.



              NEW PLANT

              In order to meet Tianji Bio’ strategic development requirement, the new plan with area 59500M2 has launched at, expected to be completed and put into use at 2023. The new facility including 4 GMP APIs workshops(2 peptide APIs workshop+ 2 small molecule APIs workshop), 6 workshops for finished dosages: lyophilized powder injection, small volume injection, sterile injection, oral solid dosage, microsphere. And the total peptide APIs capacity will be increased to 750kg.
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