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              R&D TEAM

              Tianji has an professional and experienced R&D team with a number of PhD as technical leaders with full research background(Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biochemical Technology etc.). The core team has been deeply engaged in the peptide field for nearly 20 years. It is a domestic well-known peptide and small molecule drug development enterprise. In 2019, Tianji R&D lab became Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center. The R&D center is currently conducting technical cooperation projects with Peking University Cancer Hospital, Xijing Hospital, China Pharmaceutical University, and other domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and biomedical companies. In recent years, the annual R&D investment has increased year by years, promoting the company's sustainable innovation and development.


              EQUIPMENT & FACILITY

              R&D center has established multiple platforms for peptide synthesis process research, Analysis & purification method research, finished dosage development, drug regulatory registration and commercial production. Tianji owns modernized laboratory and koligram scale-up GMP pilot production, and equipped with more than 100+ instruments: HPLC, GC, MASS, UPLC, automatic dissolution apparatus, IC, Pre-HPLC, vacuum freeze dryer etc.


              EQUIPMENT & FACILITY



              Tianji has obtained 10+ national patents for technology invention, plenty of domestic and overseas drug registration approvals documents. We have jointly developed 2 clinical approvals for class 1 peptide new drugs, including Angiostatin API and injection, Antibacterial peptide API and effervescent tablets. Meanwhile, we have completed massive consistency evaluation applications, and 30+ projects are currently under development.
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